Grander Effect

The Grander process involves a field effect generated by highly structured water (“information water”) developed by Johann Grander. The precise method by which he produces “information water” is a trade secret. The information water passes structural information through its field to other liquids nearby. The water which passes near the information water takes on a new structure (is “revitalized”).

Worldwide practical experience of using Grander Technology has confirmed Johann Grander´s assertion that this effect can be passed on to all waters.

Key revitalized water properties are:


  • Enhanced shelf life
  • Enhanced solvent power
  • Enhanced microbiological properties


Enhanced shelf life: revitalized “Blue Water” is sold with an official shelf life of 4 years. The Blue Water is never subjected to any kind of disinfection during the bottling process. The water has been shown to remain pure regardless of storage conditions (e.g. temperature and light). These unique keeping properties are only possible through the Grander process.

Enhanced solvent power: practical experience in thousands of applications has shown that the use of revitalized water enables the reduction in quantity of detergents whilst maintaining cleaning effects. This allows the clear conclusion to be drawn that revitalized water has more solvent power.

Enhanced microbiological properties: Practical experience with industrial closed heating/cooling circuits demonstrates that when the water is revitalized using the Grander process it can be used for longer periods of time without losing its microbiological stability.


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