The Development of Water Revitalisation

The term ‘water revitalization’ has become a frequently quoted, often misunderstood and sometimes, unfortunately, a much abused phrase.  But where does it really come from?

It was Johann Grander himself who gave his method the name ‘wasserbelebung or ‘water revitalization’, after he discovered changes in the behaviour of micro-organisms under the microscope, after he had treated water with his method.

To provide a more exact description of the meaning and origin of this phrase, it may be helpful to give a short insight into the 20 years and more of research carried out by Johann Grander.

Caused by cold winters and the hard work as a petrol station leaseholder, John Grander suffered from chronic joint inflammation.  In order to avoid surgical intervention, he treated himself with a massage roller from his father.

His health improved significantly, which prompted him to examine the massage roller more closely.  In the course of the years, one idea followed from another until Johann Grander developed various “magnet generators”, which, despite high frequency energy, do not present any danger to humans.  However, the implementation phase failed because of bureaucratic and financial obstacles.  




During his research activities, Johann Grander conducted experiments over and over, which showed that energy conversion worked in and under water and that water developed special properties.

From day to day, he became more aware that the obstacles were a hint that he should involve himself even more intensively with the element of water.  Thus, Johann Grander studied and observed water more precisely and over and over brought water into contact with the magnet generator that he developed.

The majority of his discoveries were based on intuition and observing nature.  But one significant helper and indispensable critic – since their instinct is superior to humans – should be especially noted as a signpost at this point: the Grander’s cat.  It was the cat that first brought Johann Grander’s attention to ”revitalised“ water because of its unusual behaviour of exclusively drinking from this type of water.

Grander recognised that something ”special“ was created in the combination between his generator and the water.  Thus, he determined from his experiments that the properties, i.e.  information, that he could impart to water were also transferable to other water – without direct contact.

This insight is the basic principle of GRANDER water revitalisation.


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