The Inventor

“I was led to water and that’s why I am so grateful that the discovery of water revitalisation was allowed to succeed.” 
(Johann Grander)
For Hans Grander, the microscope turned out to be the most important instrument to learn from the element of water and its nature.  Hundreds of water samples from all parts of the globe (Nile, Po, Ganges and many other rivers and sources) are in his “thinking lodge” and they were what he examined in order to find out how the various waters of the earth behave.

If charged, impure water was treated with his procedure, it began to regenerate.  It began to live again.  The valuable microorganisms could develop and they became active.

The term “water revitalisation” was coined by Johann Grander from this discovery.

Johann Grander’s goal is to improve the quality of water by reproducing the original order and stability of the inner structure.

He has been successful at making the properties of Grander Water transferable and useful.  With all its positive effects on humans, animals and plants.


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